1. Introduction

1.1. Collaborative Solutions and Innovation

Collaborative Solutions and Innovation (OGC Innovation) is a global, innovative, collaborative, hands-on engineering, research, and testing program designed to accelerate innovation in the geospatial IT sector. Development of high-tech technological systems typically depends on the successful synchronized development of the individual technologies needed. Assessment of the readiness of the individual technologies allows risk reduction in budget and planning.

The main purpose of Collaborative Solutions and Innovation is to accelerate the advancement of technology from early ideas to final products. Collaborative Solutions and Innovation Policies and Procedures describe this process in detail based on the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale, where OGC Innovation spans the full span from TRL levels 2-3 to 7-8. Additionally, OGC Innovation supports validation, testing, and enhancement of the individual technologies that form the OGC standards baseline and its corresponding products. The OGC standards baseline is the complete set of member-approved Abstract Specifications, Standards including Profiles and Extensions, and Community Standards.

The OGC Innovation supports the enhancements of geospatial IT from low to high technology readiness levels through the exploration and testing of new and existing technologies, the development of prototypes, and the demonstration of OGC products in specific domains. The OGC Innovation itself is defined in the OGC COSI Program Policy and Procedures (OGC Innovation PnP), which provides the general policy and procedures for all OGC Innovation activities.

1.2. OGC COSI Pool and OGC COSI Team

The OGC COSI Policy and Procedures describe a number of different initiative types. All initiatives bring together a group of sponsors, participants, and the Innovation Program Team (OGC COSI Team). The OGC COSI Team plays a key role in an OGC Innovation Initiative, as it includes the initiative managers and architects. The OGC COSI Team members are principally OGC staff employees. The OGC COSI Team may be completed by further individuals. These individuals, called Consultants, are either employees of OGC member organizations or individual OGC members. In order to serve on the OGC COSI Team as a Consultant, the individual needs to be a member of the OGC COSI Pool, as all consultants are selected from the OGC COSI Pool. Identifying individuals qualified for the OGC COSI Pool is the subject of this Invitation to Qualify (ITQ).

1.3. ITQ Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this invitation is to solicit individuals from OGC member organizations or OGC individual members, who wish to become part of the OGC OGC COSI Pool and to be considered for selection to a future OGC COSI Team. Collaborative Solutions and Innovation will conduct its mission by tapping expertise from the OGC COSI Pool to form OGC COSI Teams that conduct OGC Innovation Initiatives.

Individuals that are part of the OGC COSI Pool will have certain skills and experiences related to geospatial IT, including, but not limited to, any one or combination of the following:

  1. Software, systems and enterprise architecture

  2. Data modeling

  3. API modeling

  4. Semantic technologies

  5. Domain specific knowledge

  6. Geospatial data processing

Individuals comprising the OGC COSI Pool will also possess:

  1. Knowledge of current business and policy processes, mechanisms and customs involved in the development, application and dissemination of geospatial information in local, regional, national and international contexts.

  2. Demonstrated experience working thematic and cross-sectoral areas where geospatial information are utilized;

  3. Demonstrated experience in adapting best practice methods and procedures to IT projects;

  4. Knowledge and experience with OGC processes used to develop and test specifications for interoperable geoprocessing.

  5. A proven ability to work with the necessary tools to support the OGC Innovation Initiatives (e.g. Gitlab, GitHub, asciidoc)

Individuals working on OGC Innovation Initiatives will gain valuable experience by fulfilling opportunities to advance OGC specification development. Experience will include the provision of software, data, architecture, or solution development, as well as other skills such as communication, integration, and conflict handling when various approaches or perspectives need to be brought to consensus. Members who qualify for OGC COSI Pool will be in leadership positions for maturing the open geoprocessing and location systems marketplace, and will gain practical experience applying OGC-based products and services to requirements that encompass longer-term enterprise life cycles.

1.4. OGC COSI Pool Benefits

Individuals that qualify for OGC COSI Pool and participate in OGC Innovation Initiatives will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Recognition for hands-on project management, architecture and engineering excellence.

  • Experience in collaborative development where component interoperability is required and results can be brought forward into procurement and operational settings.

  • New revenue and relationship building opportunities among and between sponsors, vendors, and his/her customers.

  • Near-to-market experience in the interoperable technology adoption process.

  • Enhanced sales and support opportunities.

  • Increase awareness of interoperable products and services.

  • Opportunity to test market technology with minimum risk and influence technology adoption with potential customers.

  • Enhance the market’s ability to develop risk management strategies for open systems acquisition.

  • Increase market knowledge of open system integration using standards-based software products.

2. Participating in the OGC OGC COSI Pool and Selection for OGC COSI Team

OGC encourages individuals to consider replying to this ITQ. This section describes the process by which responses to this ITQ are considered, how individuals are selected from the OGC COSI Pool to serve as a member of the OGC COSI Team for a specific initiative, and defines the prerequisite for membership in OGC.

Based on submitted responses to this ITQ, the OGC Innovation Management Team will select individuals to qualify for the OGC COSI Pool. Prior to commencement of an initiative, OGC COSI Team members will be selected for the initiative from the pre-qualified OGC COSI Pool. If the individual is available for the duration of a specific initiative, then the OGC COSI Pool member will be required to execute a Contractual Agreement with OGC for the specific initiative. The specific role and execution details will be negotiated between the OGC Innovation Management Team and the individual. As a rule of thumb, OGC COSI Team Members serve between 2 and 20 hours per week for the duration of the initiative.

If the selected OGC COSI Team member is an employee of a company, a non-disclosure agreement may be necessary before engaging with the project. This will be determined by the OGC Innovation Executive Director, the OGC Chief Financial Officer, the employing company and the selected OGC COSI Team member. This is to “firewall” employees from any potential organizational conflict of interest.

An organization will not be selected as a cost-share participant for an initiative when that organization has personnel on the OGC COSI Team for the same initiative. It can be selected as a fully in-kind participant if conflict of interest can be foreclosed. The ultimate decision in such a case is with the project manager.

2.1. OGC COSI Team Roles to be filled by this ITQ

OGC COSI Team roles are defined in the OGC Innovation PnP. This ITQ seeks to pre-qualify candidates for these OGC COSI Team roles:

  • Initiative Manager

  • Initiative Architect

  • Thread Architect

  • Demonstration Manager

2.2. OGC Membership

To participate in the OGC COSI Pool, OGC membership either as an employee of an OGC member organization or by individual membership is required.

Individual OGC members or employees of OGC member organizations that qualify for OGC COSI Team may elect also to work with OGC staff on tasks associated with project management and planning. Those individuals that wish to work with OGC will be required to “firewall” from their company to avoid organizational conflict of interest if their company wishes to also respond to Call for Participation coming from the OGC.

Note to individuals that do not yet hold an OGC membership: Individuals wishing to submit a response to this ITQ that do not hold a membership in OGC are welcome to do so, provided they include a completed application for OGC Membership with their ITQ response. OGC membership information is available on the Open Geospatial Consortium homepage at Join OGC. Given the nature and type of work to be undertaken by OGC COSI Teams will require prior experience with OGC’s programs, we strongly encourage new members to pro-actively participate in their particular areas of interest.

2.3. General Terms and Conditions

OGC staff will review documentation submitted in response to this ITQ. OGC has control of all submissions and will not use these for other purposes without prior written consent of the submitter. Proprietary and confidential information submitted in response to this ITQ must be marked accordingly.

OGC COSI Pool members selected for a specific OGC Innovation project will be required to enter into a contractual Agreement with OGC. This Agreement defines OGC COSI Team responsibilities and by signing this Agreement all parties will agree to work together towards the common goals of OGC.

2.4. Removal and Retirement from OGC COSI Pool

The OGC Executive Director Innovation Program shall possess the authority to remove any OGC COSI Pool member at any time due to gross misconduct or breach of the requirements of an Initiative. Such cases may be referred to the OGC President for review.

Individuals previously qualified into the OGC COSI Pool may be retired from the OGC COSI Pool if:

  • The individual has not participated (in person or virtually) in any of the previous four OGC TC meetings

  • The individual has not participated in or observed an OGC Collaborative Solutions and Innovation Program initiative in the previous five years

Before retiring an individual from the OGC COSI Pool, a Director of the OGC Collaborative Solutions and Innovation Program shall notify the individual of the intent to retire the individual from the OGC COSI Pool. The individual may appeal by addressing the retirement criteria above. A retired individual will be delisted from the public OGC COSI Pool web page.

3. Qualifications for OGC COSI Pool

Each individual wishing to be considered for the OGC COSI Pool should document his or her expertise, knowledge and skills in the following categories:

Qualification Description

Architectural Services

Organizational Architecture, Requirements and Use Case Development

Knowledge of and demonstrated experience involving the development, application and dissemination of geospatial information in local, national, regional and international settings.

Demonstrated experience working thematic areas where geospatial information are utilized (e.g., security and defense, transport and telematics, agriculture, environmental management, forestry, coastal zone management and others).

OGC Architecture and the OGC Reference Model.

ISO 191XX processes.

Software, Systems and Enterprise Architecture

OGC Architecture and OGC Reference Model, OGC Standards Baseline, and associated supporting documentation and technological approaches.

Web Architecture

ISO 191XX family of standards.

Proof of Concept Services

Concept Development

Experience in developing use cases and business process scenarios that define user functional and technical requirements.

Related IT and data processing project management skills.

Standardized Schema Construction and Semantics

Application of data modeling, metadata development, service and application schema building, integration and management experiences.

Proof of Concept Development

Geoprocessing software component integration and testing, and middleware integration.

Geospatial infrastructure integration, prototyping, and testing.

OGC Innovation Program and Standards Program experience and familiarity with the collaborative process framework.

Knowledge of the OGC Standardization Process and its current priorities.

Testing and Evaluation

Knowledge of and experience with validation and verification processes.

Procurement Readiness

ROI and Life Cycle

Experience in development and application of life cycle criteria and requirements to include costs for systems development, operations and maintenance (software, hardware, staff, training, networks, etc.).

Experience in projecting and estimating Return On Investment for systems solutions.



Must be able to travel as necessary to fulfill OGC COSI Team contract requirements.

Technical Skills

Must possess technical skills required to support OGC Innovation Initiatives, such as GitHub, Gitlab, asciidoc

Previous Employment and Criminal History

Must be willing to authorize employment history and criminal history background checks for the organization and its personnel.

4. Conflict of Interest Procedures

Certain organizations participating in OGC COSI Team through employees may also be involved in other activities involved with OGC. Organizational conflict of interest procedures will be required to be in place prior to start of work.

If the OGC COSI Pool Member, OGC staff, or another OGC Innovation Participant/Pool Member see a potential conflict of interest, then an OGC Conflict of Interest Review Board will consider the situation and determine whether a conflict exists. Conflict determinations may be appealed to the Open Architecture Board (OAB). There will be no tolerance for false accusations of conflict.

5. OGC COSI Pool Upkeeping

The OGC COSI Pool will be reviewed once a year to ensure that the pool does not stagnate. A call for new members will go out at least once a year to ensure that new OGC members become aware of the opportunity.

6. ITQ Submission

Submissions to this invitation shall be “complete”; i.e., your submission must provide all information requested in section ITQ Format and Content to be considered. OGC requests submissions in English and that proposing individuals attempt to keep their responses to five (5) pages or less including resumes.

6.1. How to Submit

Submit electronic versions of your response to the address below. Microsoft Word® or PDF formats are preferred. Please use this template for your proposal.

Submission Address: innovation@ogc.org

6.2. Questions and Clarifications

Questions and requests for clarification should be sent electronically to OGC by email to innovation@ogc.org.

6.3. Reimbursements

OGC will not reimburse submitters for any costs incurred in connection with preparing responses to this ITQ. OGC will reimburse for OGC COSI Team duties on an hourly basis.

6.4. Schedule

The ITQ is open until further notice. OGC may close this ITQ at any time.

6.5. ITQ Format and Content

Responses should include the following sections: * Name, contact information, and requested cost per hour in US dollars when working as OGC COSI Pool member. * Overview - Provide an overview of your background. * Statement of Qualifications - Provide a brief Statement of Qualifications that discusses relevant experience according to the Qualifications Categories identified in Clause 3.1. * Membership Application - This may be obtained from the Open Geospatial Consortium web site. Required only if the organization is not currently an OGC member.

Appendix A: Status

This is an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) document available to the public. This document will be updated from time to time based on the experience and knowledge gained from OGC activities. It may also be replaced by other documents at any time. The document is approved by the OGC Strategic Member Advisory Committee.

Appendix B: Revision History

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