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Publication Date: 2020-04-01

Approval Date: 2020-03-31

Submission Date: 2020-03-01

Reference number of this document: 05-127r10

Category: Policies and Procedures

Editor: Ingo Simonis

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This document is an OGC Policies and Procedures document. The document is subject to change based on membership requirements and motions.

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1. Abstract

This document defines the OGC Innovation Program Policies and Procedures (IP PnP). It describes the various initiative types run by the Innovation Program and explains the organizations of IP initiative types with respect to a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale. The IP PnP provide an umbrella for all initiative types and define common elements, processes, and roles; as well as the specific characteristics of each initiative type.

2. The OGC Innovation Program

The OGC Innovation Program (OGC IP) is an innovative, collaborative, and hands-on engineering and rapid prototyping program. In the IP, OGC members bring forward technology and technology integration challenges. These challenges are refined and mapped to a set of requirements, use cases, and implementation scenarios and eventually addressed in different types of initiatives. These initiatives bring OGC vendors and research institutions together with sponsoring organizations. Coordinated and managed by the OGC IP Team, each initiative has the goal to stepwise increase Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) for geospatial IT solutions, including software architecture, interface design, information and data models, as well as related standards and specifications. Run globally, the Innovation Program further validates and tests geospatial technology based on OGC standards and identifies future OGC standardization work items.