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OGC, as the leader in Geospatial tech, standards, and innovation and the largest formal consortium of expert organizations in geospatial, is perfectly positioned to bring our collective expertise in geospatial to accelerate the development of interoperability standards for space. In this workshop, OGC, supported by AWS Space and Satellite Solutions division, brings space and geospatial stakeholders together to understand current status, gaps and disparities, and interoperability requirements. The outcomes of this workshop help set a baseline of what works well and where the gaps are in an expanding, commercialized and federated space exploration industry. Discussions will include incorporation of existing and emerging geospatial computing standards, tools, and pilots impacting space domain awareness and space traffic management, tracking, and optimization of space resources.

Participation is free.

This will be a hybrid event with the in-person element held at the following address:

  • Open Geospatial Consortium Geo in Space Workshop at
  • Westin Alexandria
    400 Courthouse Square
    Alexandria VA 22314 on
  • July 25-26, 2023 from
  • 9 AM - 5 PM

We have added a hotel block for your convenience at a rate of $199 USD per night:

Reserve your room at the Westin Alexandria

The last day to book at this rate is Monday, June 26, 2023.

Benefits of this workshop are the opportunities to lead efforts towards interoperability in space, partner and work with stakeholders who may not be in your typical domain, and ultimately influence and enable shaping the future of International Space Standards.

Geo In Space - Workshop Themes

  • Welcome by OGC
  • Current Architecture Status
    • Space, Ground, Terminal Segments
    • Traditional and Non-traditional User Communities
    • Hybrid Architectures - Government and Commercial integration when required.
  • Federated Systems Needs
    • Data transport across multiple networks
  • Commercialization of Space Needs
    • Variable trust protocols
  • Open Standards Needs
    • Fuse data from multiple sources
    • Develop Analytics Tools
    • AI
  • Integration Gaps
  • Architecture Gaps
  • Communication Gaps

Presenters are welcome. Which of these themes would you like to contribute to? Select as many as you like. Please send email to mcole@ogc.org.

  • Current Status
  • Federated Systems
  • Commercialization of Space Needs
  • Open Standards Needs
  • Integration Gaps
  • Architecture Gaps
  • Communication Gaps

Some questions to be considered

  1. Capabilities to enable Mapping, Charting, and Geodesy for the Moon and Mars at the same level of accuracy and fidelity as we provide for the Earth.
  2. Capabilities to support the planning, construction, maintenance, and decommissioning of manned infrastructure on the Moon and Mars.
  3. Capabilities to enable accurate navigation across the surface of the Moon and Mars.
  4. Capabilities to enable Space Situational Awareness using Space-based assets.
  5. Capabilities to calculate the current, past, and future locations of a Space object based on gravitational fields, Space weather, and object velocity.
  6. Capabilities to support accurate interplanetary navigation.
  7. Capabilities to support anticipated laws governing Space activities.
  8. Capabilities to implement an AIS-like system (or would this even be desired)
  9. Capabilities to enable the identification, tracking, and rendezvous of one Space object by another.
  10. Capabilities to enable non-Terrestrial comms.

We are still accepting sponsors for this event, please send a request to mcole@ogc.org if you are interested.

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