Fri, Jun 21st 9:30am (INTL. II)
  Metadata Workshop g2m
The world of metadata The workshop aims to provide a more complete picture of existing metadata: from ISO 19115, over GeoDCAT, STAC, Records API ... Examples and challenges are discussed. The new building block and profile-based approach is discussed and demonstrated. we also will touch upon issues such as provenance and licensing
Project: Metadata and Catalog DWG  (read more...)
Reserved By: Danny Vandenbroucke
Facilitator: Micah Brachman
Following sessions are foreseen:
- Session 1 - How to link the dots, different metadata standards in different communities
- Session 2 - GeoDCAT, examples of implementations and issues
- Session 3 - Workflow of the building block / profile approach, demonstration
- Session 4 - Preparing the Metadata code sprint(s)

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About this group...
The OGC Metadata DWG addresses issues related to how metadata must be specified in OGC Standards to fully enable certain services in the OGC Architecture. This DWG maintains close correspondence between ISO TC/211 metadata standard.