Tue, Jun 18th 11:00am (INTL. I)
  GeoPose SWG g2m
Status of GeoPose Outreach - Current and Potential GeoPose adopters/implementers (ecosystem map) - GeoPose Wikipedia Page (Jan-Erik) - GeoPose in the NSG Register (Jim) Status of “making it easier” to adopt Sandbox (Mikel) Media Type Registration (Christine/Scott) GeoPose in ROS2 (James) Other GeoPose in 3D Context Doc (Bart) Update about the Hillyfields Bubble Data set (Steve, James)
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Reserved By: Christine Perey
Facilitator: Gobe Hobona
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This SWG developed GeoPose 1.0, a standard for geographically-anchored pose (GeoPose) with 6 degrees of freedom referenced to one or more standardized Coordinate Reference Systems (CRSs). The SWG now supports implementers of GeoPose 1.0 standard and identifies future enhancements for the widespread adoption of this standard.