Thu, Mar 28th 9:00am (Commission room 3)
  Geo for Metaverse DWG g2m
The Geo for Metaverse DWG provides a forum for discussion and documentation of interoperability requirements for Open and Interoperable Metaverse components and services. The DWG will Capture and communicate the value of geospatial tech and expertise and advocate for interoperability and standards that will ensure the successful adoption of and widespread innovation for the Metaverse.
Project: Geo for Metaverse DWG  (read more...)
Reserved By: Tamrat Belayneh
Facilitator: Micah Brachman
Session Agenda Items
  1. Speaker: 
    Tamrat Belayneh, Amey Godse (Geo for Metaverse Co-Chairs)
    Year in Review: Geo For Metaverse DWG activities in 2023 & Plans for 2024 (10 min)
  2. Speaker: 
    Michael Branscomb (Esri)
    From Meshes to Metaverses: Building an open ecosystem for seriously geospatial games. (20 min)
  3. Speaker: 
    Christine Perey, Steve Smyth (Christine Perey, Open Site Plan)
    Metaverse Standards Forum introduction and status updates (20 min)
  4. Speaker: 
    Members (All Geo For Metaverse Members)
    Open Discusion, Q&A (25 min)