Wed, Mar 27th 11:00am (Commission room 2)
  GeoPose g2m
[5 min] Admin/opening and Introductions [5 min] GeoPose 1.0 Quick Start (Jeremy) [20 min] Hillyfields Bubble Portal (Steve + James + Rob + Jeremy) [20 min] GeoPose in Open Spatial Computing Platform (OSCP) and WebXR client (Jan-Erik + Gabor) [10 min] GeoPose and MSF Real/Virtual World Integration WG (Steve) [?? Min] Developer Sandbox (Mikel) [30 min] Future work in GeoPose SWG – All
Project: GeoPose SWG  (read more...)
Reserved By: Carl Stephen Smyth
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About this group...
This SWG developed GeoPose 1.0, a standard for geographically-anchored pose (GeoPose) with 6 degrees of freedom referenced to one or more standardized Coordinate Reference Systems (CRSs). The SWG now supports implementers of GeoPose 1.0 standard and identifies future enhancements for the widespread adoption of this standard.