Thu, Sep 28th 8:30am (Event Hall (1-1))
  Urban Digital Twins g2m
The focus of this meeting is a discussion of an early draft for a position paper on Urban Digital Twins, prepared by the co-chairs. We see UDTs as a platform that facilitates collaboration in the Urban Environment. Geospatial plays a role in this, though is only one of many ingredients. Please join us if you are interested in the debate.
Project: Urban Digital Twins DWG  (read more...)
Reserved By: Carsten Roensdorf
Facilitator: Scott Simmons
Session Agenda Items
  1. Speaker: 
    chairs (OGC UDT DWG)
    Link back to DT Special Session (5 min)
  2. Speaker: 
    Carsten Roensdorf (OS)
    External UDT expert group and SWG (5 min)
  3. Speaker: 
    chairs (OGC UDT DWG)
    Draft UDT position paper (presentation and discussion) (40 min)
  4. Speaker: 
    Dongha Jung (LX)
    Digital Twin and LX Platform (20 min)
  5. Speaker: 
    Fabrice Servant (Dassault Systemes)
    Virtual Twin for urban transformation (20 min)