Wed, Jun 7th 3:00pm (Murray Hall)
  TimeSeriesML SWG g2m
Focus will be on Concepts and Requirements for TimeseriesML Ver 2.0: -New Conceptual Model: Specifics on how revisions to the Observations & Measurements conceptual model from Ver 2.0 to Observations, Measurements, Samples, Ver 3.0, will affect a new TimeseriesML Conceptual Model. Figuring out which Requirements needed in a new TSML model will be discussed. After any changes to the TSML conceptual model occur, further iterations of Ver 2.0 may include the following: -A JSON Encoding for TSML -Implementation of Lessons learned from TSML1.0 Use Cases -TimeseriesAPI in OGC API
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Reserved By: Scott Simmons
Facilitator: Sina Taghavikish
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The purpose of this SWG is to manage and update the TimeSeriesML Standard. The work derived, in part, from WaterML 2.0 Part 1.