Mon, Jun 5th 1:00pm (Carriage House)
  Portrayal Workshop g2m
This workshop will advance the collaboration between members of the OGC Portrayal DWG and the International Cartographic Association (ICA). The collaboration aims to identify how ICA can share cartographic knowledge with geospatial application developers in ways that are helpful to their work. The workshop will begin with an overview of the draft OGC Technical Paper that ICA members are writing (title: “Standards supporting cartographic best practices”). The aim of the technical paper is to propose aspects of cartographic practice that would benefit from standardization. Topics that are being explored in the technical paper include: geospatial semantics, cartographic terminology and applied ontology; what constitutes good cartographic practice in different contexts; and emerging application contexts such as 3D and immersive cartography (VR/AR) and big geospatial data. After the paper is introduced, the aim of the discussion will be to explore whether, from the perspective of workshop participants, the proposed standards and related materials (e.g., use cases and case studies) address the most important portrayal-related challenges and identify OGC specifications (standards) to be used/updated/developed.
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Reserved By: Scott Simmons
Facilitator: Sina Taghavikish
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About this group...
The Portrayal DWG provides a community to better define a common portrayal framework, provide direction to portrayal standards working groups, and provide guidance to other DWGs on portrayal concerns. Current efforts in the portrayal focus area are not well integrated and lack a unifying perspective. Other domains which focus on functional issues or specific applications are attempting to address portrayal as a unique solution within their domains.