Tue, Feb 21st 5:10pm (Room D)
  GeoPose SWG g2m

Project: GeoPose SWG  (read more...)
Reserved By: Scott Simmons
Facilitator: Joshua Lieberman

Administrivia [5 minutes]
- Attendance
- Patent Call
Announcements [8 minutes]
- Implementations
- Developer Resources
Moving Features Coordination
OS GB Workshop - April 27 – Southampton UK
Presentations [35 min]
- Connected Systems API – Alex Robin [15 minutes]
- Implementing GeoPose 1.0 – Steve Smyth [20 min]
- Design Patterns
- C# and TypeScript Examples
- CG vs Geo Approach to Reference Frames
- PROJ Integration/ISO 19111/OGC WKT for Frame Transform specification
Wrap up [2 minutes]
- Upcoming Meetings

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About this group...
The main purpose of this SWG is to develop and propose a Standard for geographically-anchored pose (GeoPose) with 6 degrees of freedom referenced to one or more standardized Coordinate Reference Systems (CRSs).