Wed, Feb 22nd 2:20pm (Big Hall)
  Health Summit g2m
OGC and partners are proud to bring the Geo/Location and Health communities together for the Global Health Summit 2023 in Frascati, Italy. The Health DWG invites geospatial and health industry experts to share their work and their collective vision of the future at its quarterly meetings at locations around the world as well as hosts full-day Summits. The Global Health Summit is the next in our series of events to provide a forum for geo/location experts to learn what clinicians need to advance the practice of healthcare, and for clinicians to explore the possibilities unleashed when location/geo data is incorporated as part of solutions. Also, we are proud to announce Gideon Informatics as our Summit Sponsor.
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Reserved By: Ajay Gupta
2:20-3:00pm, Locating Better Health, Opening Talk & Moderator Este Geraghty, MD, MS, MPH, CPH, GISP, Esri

• Paul A Churchyard,
• John Cordier, Epistemix

3:10pm-3:50pm, Financing GEO, Moderator: Anilkumar Dave
VC Fund Partner and Space Economy Advisor

• Pablo Fuentes, MakePath
• Steve Liang, SensorUp
• Gianluigi Baldesi, PhD, ESA
• Ugo Celestino, EC

Session Agenda Items
  1. Speaker: 
    Este Geraghty, Paul A Churchyard, John Cordier (Esri;; Epistemix;)
    Locating Better Health: Presenting examples of how geospatial tech has helped healthcare, and what remains to be done. (40 min)
  2. Speaker: 
    Anilkumar Dave, Pablo Fuentes,Steve Liang, (VC Fund Partner and Space Economy Advisor MakePath, SensorUp)
    Financing Geo: Discussion on the challenges in securing and the state of investments into the geospatial sector. (40 min)