Sat, Oct 1st 12:30am (Virtual)
  CDB SWG Online Meeting g2m

Regular online meeting of the OGC CDB SWG

Agenda is under constant development; please forward agenda recommendations to the Chair(s) at any time


1.  Roadmap / meeting agenda

2.  Update of work-in-progress between meetings; Github/Gitlab repos

3.  Updates from editors:
       Next Minor Revision, CDB 1.3; Sara:
       Next Major Revision, CDB 2/X; Carl;

4.  Any new business

5.  Short Term Meeting Schedule

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Reserved By: David Graham
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The CDB Standard defines an open format for the storage, access, and modification of a synthetic environment database. A synthetic environment is a computer simulation that represents activities at a high level of realism, from simulation of theaters of war to factories and manufacturing processes.