Thu, Dec 9th 1:00pm (Room B)

The Environmental Data Retrieval API SWG is improving the existing published standard as an important building block of the OGC API suite for many kinds of geospatial data.

* Register attendance on portal
* Agree Agenda and IPR Call (5 mins)
* Minutes/Notes of previous meeting (5 mins)

Demos of implementations
* Wuhan University, Boyi Shangguan (5 mins)
* ESRI Facade, Pete Trevelyan (5 mins)
* USGS, Dave Blodgett, Jim Kreft (5 mins)
* NWS, Shane Mill (5 mins)
* Met Office, Mark Burgoyne (5 mins)
* Questions and discussions with implementers  (5 mins)

Progress in the last month:
* EDR API Specification:
* Outstanding Issues:
* Outstanding Pull Requests:
* Compliance Test Suite:
* API coordination:
    * [API-Maps: BBOX, BBOX-CRS, CRS issue #82](
    * [TestBed 17 Engineering Report](
    * OGC Naming Authority register [input]( and [human readable output](
* Update other Documentation on GitHub:
Plans for next month:
* Corrections: Version 1.0.x
    * PR for correcting CRS84 URI
    * PR to remove spurious /groups endpoint
* Outreach:
    * OGC, OSGeo, and Apache Software Foundation are considering a 3-day joint code sprint: 1-3 March 2022, 8-10 March 2022

Longer Term Plans:
* Non-breaking changes and enhancements: Version 1.x
* Version 2.x


Any Other Business:

Date of Next Meeting: 2021-12-23 ?? 2022??

Project: Environmental Data Retrieval API SWG  (read more...)
Reserved By: Chris Little
Facilitator: Gobe Hobona
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About this group...
The Environmental Data Retrieval API SWGstandardize several APIs, defined with OpenAPI (Version 3), to retrieve various common data patterns from a relatively persistent data store. The data patterns will include, but are not restricted to, data at a point in space and time, time series at a point, data along a trajectory, which may be 2, 3, or 4 dimensional, and covering a specified polygon or rectangular tile.