Thu, Sep 16th 4:00am (Room B)
  Observations & measurements SWG g2m
The Observations and measurements Standards Working Group is currently finalizing the revision of the OGC Abstract Specification topic 20 / ISO 19156: Observations, measurements and samples (OMS) standard with ISO / TC 211 and beginning the work item for creating a new OGC OMS JSON implementation standard.
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Reserved By: Ilkka Rinne
Facilitator: Piotr Zaborowski
Continued OMS JSON Implementation planning
ISO 19156 / OGC Abstract Specification Topic 20 revision status

Session Agenda Items
  1. Speaker: 
    Kathi Schleidt (Datacove)
    ISO 19156 OMS drafting status update (5 min)
  2. Speaker: 
    Clemens Portele (Interactive Instruments)
    Update on Features and Geometries JSON SWG discussions (15 min)
  3. Speaker: 
    Hugo Ledoux (Geonovum)
    Creating CityJSON implementation from the CityGML conceptual model (30 min)
  4. Speaker: 
    Hylke van der Schaaf (Fraunhofer IOSB)
    OMS JSON encoding example for an OData API (10 min)
  5. Speaker: 
    SWG members (O&M SWG)
    Discussion: the purpose/goals of the OMS JSON common core (15 min)
  6. Speaker: 
    SWG members (O&M SWG)
    Discussion: way forward & next steps (15 min)