Thu, Sep 16th 6:30am (Room A)
  OAB (Open) g2m
The OGC Architecture Board (OAB) is entrusted to maintain stability in the OGC Standards Baseline and to ensure that new Standards are testable and follow OGC guidelines. Many topics considered by the OAB are of broad interest to OGC membership and the geospatial community as a whole. The focus of the OAB session is to make the connections between work occurring in the OGC and offer a forum for open discussion on topics fundamental to much of the output of OGC programs.
Project: OGC Architecture Board - OAB
Reserved By: Scott Simmons
Facilitator: Scott Simmons
Session Agenda Items
  1. Speaker: 
    Scott Simmons (OGC)
    Overview of the future content of OGC Standards (15 min)
  2. Speaker: 
    Chuck Heazel (Heazeltech)
    Modular standards and the Modular Spec (15 min)
  3. Speaker: 
    All (All)
    Discussion (60 min)