Thu, Sep 16th 2:00am (Room A)

OGC has Standardized indoor mapping through the IndoorGML Standard and Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) Community Standard. In addition, new work on Points of Interest, GeoPose, Routing, and 3D visualization all are increasingly concerned with indoor use cases. The Indoor Mapping session is an open event aimed to provide attendees an understanding of the state-of-the-art in indoor mapping and navigation and to identify emerging requirements that should be addressed in research and standardization.

Reserved By: Scott Simmons
Facilitator: Scott Simmons
Session Agenda Items
  1. Speaker: 
    Dean Hintz (Safe Software)
    Lesson learned from NIST-OGC pilot project for indoor mapping and navigation (15 min)
  2. Speaker: 
    Chulmin Jun (University of Seoul)
    Indoor Evacuation Simulation by Considering Fire Spread (15 min)
  3. Speaker: 
    Francesco Potorti (ISIT-CNR)
    Indoor Positioning Technologies (15 min)
  4. Speaker: 
    Ki-Joune Li (Pusan National University)
    Report on iNous initiative (15 min)
  5. Speaker: 
    Joshua Lieberman (OGC)
    Integration of 3D Indoor and IoT: OGC-LH pilot project (15 min)