Tue, Jun 15th 6:00pm (Room A)
  Data Quality Workshop g2m

Project: Data Quality DWG  (read more...)
Reserved By: Ivana Ivánová
Quality Makes Data FAIR

Development of the community guidelines (https://osf.io/xsu4p/) for sharing and reusing quality Information of individual Earth Science datasets is currently under way. These guidelines aim at directing data producers, stewards, scientist and users to provide and use quality information which is findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) At this stage of guidelines' development process, we want to hear from the geospatial community about their use cases to ensure that the guidelines are in line with the user communities and their applications (especially any non-traditional applications or those related to novel and disruptive ideas and activities).

This workshop will begin with introducing the community effort (Carlo Lacagnina) and this will be follow by a string of wonderful lightning talks highlighting spectrum of data quality problems and potential consequences of not addressing these. List of speakers include:
• Christin Henzen (TU Dresden)
• Carlo Lacagnina (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
• Torsten Svärd (Lantmäteriet, Sweden)
• Peng Yue (Wuhan University, SampleML for AI/ML)
• Mark Abrams & Kumar Navulur (Exquisite Geolocation LLC & Maxar) – possibly two separate talks
• Jasmine Muir (FrontierSI)
• Lesley Wyborn (Australian National University)
• Jessie Oliver (Australian Citizen Science Association)
• Scott Simmons (OGC)

Participants are encouraged to bring their own DQ use-cases, problems or issues that they would like to be addressed by the guidelines - there will be opportunity to include these during hands-on session.

Session Agenda Items
  1. Speaker: 
    Ivana Ivanova (Curtin University)
    Welcome (5 min)
  2. Speaker: 
    Carlo Lacagnina (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
    Global Community Effort on Sharing Dataset Quality Information (30 min)
  3. Speaker: 
    Various (Various)
    Lighning talks - part 1 & 2 (70 min)
  4. Speaker: 
    all (Various)
    Hands-on - development of DQ use cases (59 min)
  5. Speaker: 
    all (Various)
    Next steps & Wrap-up (15 min)