Local Time: 09/13/2017 : 03:15 PM - 05:00 PM [BST (British Summer Time)] 

EDT Time: 09/13/2017 : 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM [ - US/Eastern] 
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Room: River Test 

Remote Participation: hosted by Coors, Volker


        TOP 1: Status Publication 3DPS Standard Document

        TOP 2: Election of Co-Chair

        TOP 3: Cesium, 3D Tiles and CityGML

       Shehzan Mohammed, AGI via goto Meeting

        TOP 4: Interoperability of i3s and Cesium using 3DPS

       V. Coors, HFT Stuttgart 

        TOP 5: CityGML to I3S and 3D Tiles conversion for 3D Modeling

       C. Dahmen, conterra

        TOP 6: lessons learned: 3D Portrayal Service 1.1

       R. Gutbell, Fraunhofer IGD, via goto meeting