Local Time: 09/13/2017 : 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM [BST (British Summer Time)] 

EDT Time: 09/13/2017 : 05:15 AM - 07:00 AM [ - US/Eastern] 
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Room: River Test 

Remote Participation: hosted by Purss, Matthew

DGGS DWG draft agenda:

  1. Vote on new co-chairs;
  2. Establish the regular schedule and roster for hosting DWG teleconferences;
  3. Review of scope of work for the DWG from the Charter and adjust if necessary;
  4. Review and discussion of upcoming and potential outreach activities to increase awareness of DGGS and to grow the DGGS community;
  5. Presentation - “DGGS for Open Point Cloud Data Handling: Location, Time, and Scale”. (Neeraj Sirdeshmukh, Edward Verbree, and Peter van Oosterom - Delft University of Technology) 
  6. Update and discussion on the establishment of the OGC DGGS Reference Implementation Registry
    1. Ideas and prototype for publishing a matrix of DGGS Reference Implementations showing how well they conform to the Abstract Specification
    2. Establishing the governance processes and rules for the DWG to follow when reviewing, accepting or rejecting candidate DGGS implementations from the official Registry
    3. Update on progress by OGC staff and/or CITE sub-committee to establish the necessary software systems to support and maintain the DGGS Registry
  7. Update on work towards porting the DGGS Abstract Specification over to ISO as a new ISO Standard.
  8. Other Business
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