Local Time: 09/13/2017 : 08:50 AM - 09:45 AM [BST (British Summer Time)] 

EDT Time: 09/13/2017 : 03:50 AM - 04:45 AM [ - US/Eastern] 
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Room: River Test 

Remote Participation: hosted by Purss, Matthew

DGGS SWG draft agenda:

  1. Vote on new co-chairs.
  2. Review, and update as necessary, the regular schedule and roster for hosting SWG teleconferences
  3. Planning/Scoping the DGGS Best Practice Guide to the Abstract Spec
    1. How narrow or broad should discussions on implementing the Abstract Spec should we be?
    2. What target date should we aim for to present the document to the TC/PC for approval?
    3. Select an editor to manage the drafting of the “Best Practice Guide”
  4. Planning/Scoping the suite of extension Protocols/Implementation Standards that are needed
    1. Discuss existing gaps in the Abstract Specification where a standard will aid developers to build compliant DGGS implementations
    2. Agree on the initial list of Protocols to be drafted
    3. Select editor(s) to manage the drafting of each separate Protocol/Implementation Standard document.
  5. Other Business