Distributed Simulation and Gaming DWG ad-hoc

Local Time: 09/12/2017 : 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM [BST (British Summer Time)] 

EDT Time: 09/12/2017 : 05:15 AM - 07:00 AM [ - US/Eastern] 
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Room: The Solent 

Remote Participation: hosted by Graham, David

This ad-hoc session is intended to be an open discussion to explore support by OGC members for the formation of a new Domain Working Group (DWG) tentatively named the "Distributed Simulation and Gaming" DWG.


For the last two years or so, the OGC has become directly involved in the geospatial interoperability challenges of the distributed simulation community during the development and approval of the OGC CDB 1.0.1 standard.  CDB is a backwards compatible approach to the challenge of a shared geospatial data foundation on which an interoperable synthetic environment can be generated in simulation 'run-time'.


The current state and future of shared synthetic environments for interoperable training, rehearsal, and operational use will likely see new technologies, including increased leveraging of serious gaming, that will benefit from agreed standard geospatial data foundations. 


In the last two years several new members from the simulation and gaming industries have joined OGC.  The ad-hoc meeting will explore support for creating the new DWG as a 'home' for gathering of requirements, sharing information, and supporting the OGC CDB, and potentially other Standards Working Groups.