Closing Plenary

Local Time: 06/29/2017 : 01:00 PM - 04:45 PM [NDT (Newfoundland Daylight Time)] 

EDT Time: 06/29/2017 : 11:30 AM - 03:15 PM [ - US/Eastern] 
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Room: Fort William, Salon B 

Remote Participation: hosted by Simmons, Scott

Closing Plenary Agenda

Thanks and Welcome to new members
Roll Call
TC Motions part 1
GML 3.2.2 Corrigendum: Clemens Portele
WFS ideas: Clemens Portele
TC Member presentations
National Center For Infrastructure Modeling and Management: Charles Rowney, Univ. of Texas
JTC1 / SC41: François Coallier, JTC1 / SC41 Chair (at 1515)
TC Motions part 2
OGC WaterML Part 3 Surface Hydrologic Features standard: Dave Blodgett
Recharter Table Join Service SWG: Scott Simmons for Jari Reini
Big Data Whitepaper: George Percivall
CRS WKT guidance policy: George Percivall
DGGS DWG: Perry Peterson
Recharter GeoAPI SWG: Scott Simmons for Martin Desruisseaux
LAS 1.4: Stan Tillman
IDBE Subcommittee: Scott Simmons
CSW 2.0.2 Corrigendum: Scott Simmons
Innovation Program motions: Scott Simmons
Upcoming TC Meetings
TC Chair announcements and motions
Recharter OGC Naming Authority
Inactive Working Groups
Working Group reports