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Local Time: 03/21/2017 : 11:15 AM - 12:30 PM [CET (Central European Time)] 

EDT Time: 03/21/2017 : 06:15 AM - 07:30 AM [ - US/Eastern] 
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Room: Room P 

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Land Admin DWG

1.    Review the DWG Charter for inclusiveness (3D cadastres, developed nations) , Peter van Oosterom

2.    Report from the UN GGIM EGM and the FIG/OGC/ISO event (held 14 – 18 March), Eva Unger

3.    Joint OGC-World Bank White Paper on Land Administration, Peter van Oosterom

4.    Implementation of digital India Land Records, M.K.Munshi

5.   Harmonzation of standards- the ISO 19152:2012 LADM-family, Erik Stubkjær, Paul Scarponcini

6.    Strategies for implementing LADM,  Mohsen Kalantari

7.    Geospatial technologies in Land Administration Systems – A survey to identify challenges and best practices? , Mohsen Kalantari/Peter van Oosterom


8.    Call for membership