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EDT Time: 09/19/2016 : 08:15 AM - 09:10 AM [ - US/Eastern] 
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CRS Domain Working Group 8:15AM-9:05AM

3D Coordinate reference Systems - the following comment was submitted by the Army GeoSpatial Center and is appropriate for discussion within the CRS DWG

"There is currently no universal standard for georeferencing three dimensional (3D) geospatial data. Demand for 3D geospatial data has grown across the government, commercial, academic, and non-profit sectors with the proliferation of software applications that support 3D geospatial visualizations and analytics that require georeferenced x, y, and z values. Various 3D Coordinate Reference Systems (CRSs) have been developed and implemented, but there is little agreement amongst significant data producers and commercial/open-source software developers on a single 3D CRS that can support the majority of use cases.  Identifying and specifying a single 3D CRS that supports visualization and analytics will streamline the production and dissemination of 3D geospatial data and promote data interoperability across software applications."

Handling of height measured by pressure: an oceanographic use case

Planetary CRS needs

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CRS Standards Working Group 9:05-10:00AM

Overview of approved SWG work to update OGC Topic 2
"to revise 19111 to accommodate advances in modern geodesy, to include the definition of CRSs having a "dynamic datum" - the reference frame is Earth-fixed but coordinates on the crust change with time due to tectonic activity - and enhanced capabilities for derived CRS definitions (such as a vertical CRS defined through a geoid model). The technical content of OGC Abstract Specification Topic 2 and ISO 19111:2007 are currently identical. It is in the interests of interoperability that these ISO and OGC standards remain aligned."

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