MetOcean DWG

Local Time: 06/22/2016 : 03:15 PM - 05:00 PM [IST (Irish Summer Time)] 

EDT Time: 06/22/2016 : 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM [ - US/Eastern] 
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Room: CS - B002 

Remote Participation: hosted by Little, Chris

MetOcean DWG

0. Introductions, technology struggles, announcements:

Plugfest in Helsinki, week of Orlando TC, 2016-09-19/23
Temporal WKT for Calendars, Mark Hedley (Wed 10:15)

CF-NetCDF developments, Ben Domenico (Thurs 10:15)

  1. Meteorological Service of Canada updates, Tom Kralidis
  2. Exchanging Met-Ocean data using JSON, Maik Riechert, Reading University
  3. Approval of WMS Ensemble BP and motion to TC
  4. Progress on WCS2.0 GRIB extension, Daniel Lee, DWD (demonstration in WCS SWG or DWG, motion in SWG)
  5. Progress on WCS2.0 Met Ocean extensions/profiles, Pete Trevelyan, Met Office
  6. (Tentative) Irish Met Service (Met Eireann)
  7. Discussion: do we have a Met Ocean DWG session at OGC TC Orlando or EGOWS plugfest in Helsinki or both?
  8. Future work. See below.
  9. Any Other Business

 Future work: