Marine DWG ad hoc

Local Time: 06/20/2016 : 01:00 PM - 02:45 PM [IST (Irish Summer Time)] 

EDT Time: 06/20/2016 : 08:00 AM - 09:45 AM [ - US/Eastern] 
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Room: CS - B003 

Remote Participation: hosted by Simmons, Scott

Marine DWG ad hoc



          Welcome and background (Andy Hoggarth, Teledyne CARIS)


          The role of the IHO Marine SDI working group and C-17 document (Sebastian Carisio, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency)

          Oil and Gas Survey Data Models (Gordon Johnston, Venture Geomatics Ltd)

          Irish WW1 Ship Wrecks project (Andy Hoggarth, Teledyne CARIS)


          Review of the Marine DWG Charter document (Andy Hoggarth, Teledyne CARIS)

          Potential work items for the Marine DWG (Andy Hoggarth, Teledyne CARIS)