"Making location count"

Open Geospatial Consortium
3D Geospatial Modeling and Simulation Summit

Monday 19 September 2016
hosted at the Embassy Suites Orlando - Downtown in Orlando, Florida

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend a 3D Geospatial Modeling and Simulation Summit to be co-convened by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO), and the US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF). The summit will be held at the Embassy Suites Orlando - Downtown in Orlando, Florida on 19 September 2016. This event, which will run from 0900 - 1700, is designed to bring together experts from the M&S and geospatial communities to discuss the current state of the art and to develop a roadmap to establish greater interoperability of M&S with particular focus on the integration of geospatial / location information and technologies with the M&S environment. An ice breaker event will be held immediately after the event at Ferg's Depot at Church Street Station..

Open standards are increasingly being integrated into the M&S technical baseline to improve the ability to integrate a range of geospatial mapping data, sensor feeds and other location data streams into the M&S processing and rendering environments. OGC standards which have been implemented globally in GIS and other location based products are being leveraged to rapidly exchange M&S terrain models with broadly used GIS tools to inform command and control functions. These standards are establishing a level of interoperability that is reducing the time, effort and cost of data integration, and minimizing the effort required to mobilize new technologies in support of M&S. This summit will explore the opportunities for further enabling standards-based interoperability to ease production, distribution and application of M&S across Service systems.

Experts from SISO, USGIF and OGC will provide insight into their work to advance new levels of interoperability designed to ease integration of location data feeds, reduce cost and time to implement, and foster greater ability to mobilize new technologies and processes. Additionally, we’ll hear from US and coalition partners on a range of current M&S programs. An afternoon session will include a panel to explore the feasibility of technology and standards efforts to lead us to a single global 3D Modeling and Simulation Map of the World. We’ll cap off the summit with a summary discussion of near to long term goals, and the agreement on next steps to move us toward an interoperable M&S vision state.



Embassy Suites Orlando - Downtown
191 E Pine St,
Orlando, FL, 32801
United States


Convened By:



Meeting Agenda (Tentative)


The current state of the art, future vision, and action/roadmap for 3D Geospatial Modeling & Simulation (3DGMS) interoperability standards


0900-1000: First morning session

  • Welcome / Introduction
  • Objective / Challenge / Opportunity Presentation
    Is there a feasible roadmap to M&S “Map of the World” that everyone uses?
  • Current state of M&S standards
  • Geospatial, OGC and M&S

1000-1015: Networking Break

1015-1200: Second morning session

  • SISO Overview / Perspective
  • OGC Overview / Perspective
  • Open Discussion

1200-1300: Lunch on your own

1300-1400: Lightning Talks - 3DGMS status and vision

  • Lightning Talks [5-10 minutes; organized for rapid progression]
    • Org status quo and 3DGMS standards gaps
    • Org vision and 3DGMS standards gaps

1400-1430: Networking Break

1430-1630: Panel Session

  • Panel 1: Is a single 3DGMS “Map of the World” feasible? Achievable? Cost-effective? How can these diverse interests be channeled into action?
  • Panel 2: 3DGMS Roadmap, where do we go from here?

1630-1700: Closing Session

  • Open discussion
  • Summary, actions and next steps

1730-2000: Networking

  • No host icebreaker at Ferg’s Depot, Church Street Station



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Nearest Airports: Orlando International Airport (MCO)

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