On-line Membership Form

Things to note before filling out the online form:

  1. This form is for NEW MEMBERSHIPS only. If your organization has ever been a member of the OGC or is currently a member of the OGC, or if you are not sure whether your organization has previously been a member of the OGC, DO NOT use this form. Instead, please contact memberadmin@ogc.org

  2. Please Note: If you already have or have previously had a user account in OGC's member portal, please DO NOT use this form! Instead, please contact memberadmin@ogc.org.

  3. THIS FORM REQUIRES CREDIT CARD PAYMENT information to be entered in the same session as all other information. If you cannot pay by credit card at this time, please do not use this form. You may complete a fillable Membership Agreement Form (PDF) (for organizations) or this form for an individual. Or you may contact memberadmin@ogc.org.

  4. This form has five (5) sections including payment information. ALL SECTIONS MUST BE COMPLETED IN ONE SESSION. Your information is not stored until you have completed all five sections including payment. If you are unable to complete all the sections in one session you will have to start over from the beginning in another session.

  5. You will need the contact details for the Business Representative and the Technical Representative for your organization for section three. Please have this information ready before you begin. If you have any questions, please contact memberadmin@ogc.org.

  6. If your application and payment details have been accepted, you will see a printable receipt; if you provided an email address for the billing contact a receipt will be emailed to that address directly from OGC's merchant services provider. You may also request a receipt at any time from memberadmin@ogc.org.

If your credit card has not been charged and you have not received a receipt, your online application has not been processed. Contact memberadmin@ogc.org.

When you are ready to fill out the form you may do so here:


If you have problems with this application, please contact Membership support