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The below Request form is for submitting official change requests for current publicly available OGC documents and Standards, and for official new requirements not related to current documents or Standards. These documents or Standards would include, but are not limited to: Implementation Standards, Abstract Specifications and Best Practices Papers. All request submissions will be vetted for appropriate content. If there are blatant errors or omissions, the OGC Staff and/or responsible Standards Working Group have the right to reject the proposed request. Rejected submissions will be returned to the submitter with an explanation. Both the submission and the comments will be archived. Bogus submissions will be discarded without notice.

Once a submission is deemed appropriate, the Technical Committee Chair (TCC) has the responsibility of assigning the Request (CR or Requirement) to the appropriate OGC Committee, Domain Working Group or Standards Working Group. All Change Requests are public and available on the OGC Website. Requirements will be made available shortly.

Should you have any questions about the process for new requirements, please contact

Should you have any questions about this form, or the process for change requests, please contact

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