The following are some recommended hotels within the vicinity of the venue of the Hackathon:


Participants will be expected to bring their own computers to the hackathon. As for deployment of services, to support testing, a number of infrastructure options will be available. Below is a description of each option:

  1. Participants may deploy services into their own computers.

  2. Participants may deploy services into their own Cloud infrastructure.

  3. The Map Tiles, Processes, and Coverages teams will be provided with a virtual machine each on the Ordnance Survey-sponsored Cloud.

Provisioning on the Ordnance Survey-sponsored Cloud is still under negotiation, therefore participants should plan to deploy services into their own computers or own Cloud infrastructure unless advised otherwise.

Power Plugs

The United Kingdom mainly uses Type G power plugs https://www.iec.ch/worldplugs/typeG.htm

Internet Connectivity

The hosting venue will provide internet access through Wifi.