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Annex A - Abstract Test Suite for the Web Coverage Processing Service

Peter Baumann
Jacobs University Bremen
Revision History
Revision 0.1 2008-03-24
Revision 0.2 2008-04-29
Revision 1.0 2009-01-16


This document is an abstract test suite (ATS): a compendium of test assertions applicable to all implementations of the Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS) specification. An ATS provides a basis for developing an executable test suite (ETS) to verify that the implementation under test (IUT) conforms to all relevant functional specifications.

The abstract test cases (assertions) are organized into test groups that correspond to distinct conformance classes or sets of capabilities defined in the WCPS specification (see below for the version it applies to). The following mandatory test groups are defined:

  1. ProcessCoverages - core WCPS request type

Source documents

What is tested

Test prerequisites

In preparation of the test the following prerequisites a WCPS service with the following features shall be installed:

Further, a WCPS client shall be available for testing which allows to submit requests and protocol results (best in batch mode).

Test Data

The following test data set shall be available in the WCPS server under test.


Table of Contents

  1. for loops
  2. coverage filtering
  3. response storage
  4. data format encoding
  5. scalar operations
  6. metadata retrieval
  7. metadata manipulation
  8. coverage identifier
  9. induced operations
  10. coordinate addressing
  11. subsetting
  12. scaling
  13. transformation
  14. coverage constructor
  15. coverage constant
  16. aggregation
  17. operator precedence
  18. type extension
  19. exception

3. ProcessCoverages


The ProcessCoverages test group consists of the assertions that validate the ProcessCoverages request type of the WCPS specification.