Scope of Work

OGC GeoParquet is being developed as an international Standard. As is the case with most recent OGC Standards, the development of the technical specification occurs simultaneously with creation of code, sample data, tests, and other resources. OGC has opened this solicitation to fund development of some of these additional resources that will expedite development of a robust GeoParquet ecosystem to assist implementers of the Standard.

This call for proposals seeks for contributors to any or all of the following.

  1. Sample data in GeoParquet format that is permissively-licensed and easily accessible to allow GeoParquet tool developers to test their work. Such data include migration of open datasets that are of general interest. Ideally, This GeoParquet will be an additional available format on different public data stores.

  2. Testing tools that can be integrated into the OGC Validator (info and GitHub repo).

  3. Open-source libraries to read/write GeoParquet (with permissive / non-viral licenses) in a variety of languages.

More information on GeoParquet can be found here.

Proposing instructions

OGC wishes to keep this request simple so that proposers can spend time working, not proposing! All proposals will be submitted via the following web form.


The proposal site is not connected to the OGC Portal, so all proposers must create an account.

Proposer Information

Complete the form illustrated below. It is important to highlight the experience of the proposer and interest in GeoParquet in the “Organizational Background.”


Technical Proposal

Upon submitting the organizational information, an “Add Deliverable” form will appear. Three deliverables are available to select; proposers may submit proposals for all three deliverables.

Proposers generally volunteer some of their effort toward increasing geospatial interoperability in OGC work as in-kind hours of labor. Thus, please provide the number of hours for reimbursement and a total USD funding request to cover those hours. If the proposer is willing to volunteer some of their own time on the effort, please estimate the number of hours and cost in USD for that in-kind time.

Finally, include a short proposal on the proposer’s contribution to the selected deliverable. The proposal should include a description of the deliverable, a technical summary of how the work will be executed, estimated time to complete, and any relevant experience in similar efforts.